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Monday: 6 - 645 pm Pilates Barre

Tuesday: 6 - 7pm FLOW

Weds: 6 - 7pm Yoga Foundations  

Thursday:  6 - 7pm FLOW              Friday:  5 - 545pm Gentle 

               6 - 645pm FLOW

Saturday:  9 - 10am Hot Power FLOW

Sunday:  9 - 10am Warm FLOW 



Drop-ins: Cash Donation ($10 - 20)
Membership: Unlimited $69/mo

SOL YOGA GOOD CAUSE GENTLE YOGA & MEDITATION                      Sundays @10:15 - 11:15AM 

COME TOGETHER....  UNITE.....  Get Your Yoga Bliss On….. Practice with us, Breathe with us…. Be in the Moment with us…. 


Good Cause Classes are donation based and 100% of the funds raised is donated to charities and other good causes.   

Your donations support countless good causes including local charities, global crisis and an active yoga scholarship program providing yoga to people, organizations and communities that don't have access to this life changing practice.

To check the schedule and/or register: