Psychotherapy: $75-150 Sliding Scale (Initial Appointment $100-180)

Psychotherapy can be helpful for many different mental, emotional, and behavioral issues. Dr. Tara  specializes in anxiety, PTSD and mood disorders. She also frequently works with transgender health, relationship struggles, and addressing dysfunctional co-parenting dynamics.  She counsels individual clients over the age of thirteen, couples, and families.  Accepted insurances: Cigna, Aetna, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Highmark, APS Healthcare, Anthem, and Magellan Behavioral Health Insurances. Please note, neither insurance nor sliding scale is applicable to co-parenting work. 

Private Acupuncture: $70-100 Sliding Scale (Initial treatment - extra $10)

Candice uses 5-Element acupuncture in the private room, where she can spend more personal time with patients, using other facets of Chinese Medicine such as moxa and gua sha. The private treatment is more in-depth than the Community Acupuncture. Some patients are just more comfortable in a private "doctor's visit" type of interaction.  

BioEnergetic Health Screening (Initial Visit - $100; Follow-Up - $75)

In the initial visit, Spencer will review your detailed health history, pinpointing when your health challenges began, and understand the potential triggers. That is followed by the BioEnergetic Screening** identifying current systemic imbalances, and what your body needs to achieve better health. This session lasts about 2 hours.  

Follow-up visits gradually build on the progress you make over time. During each session, we evaluate your symptoms, what has improved, and what needs ongoing support and intervention. An individualized protocol is then created specifically for you. This session lasts about 1 hour.

**BioEnergetic Screening is a method of testing energetic stress and imbalance within the body and its various organ systems. It’s a completely non-invasive test that involves placing your hand on a small hand cradle,  allowing the cradle to measure responses to energetic stimuli, which is then displayed on the computer screen. This gives us a clearer picture of what could be negatively impacting your health at that moment in time.


Remedies you leave with will be added to the service price.

Feel free to send us an email, or call us at 301-671-5549

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