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Sabrina Madsen

Sabrina is an energy work practitioner, artist, healer, seer, and clear channel. Over 10 years ago, she was guided on this path to heal at the roots and come back home to her authentic self. Sabrina currently offers public and private sound baths, workshops, women's circles, as well as different kinds of private healing sessions.


The services she offers are an ever-evolving blend of her own embodied medicine and lived experience, mentorships and training with her teachers, and guided by her heart, Mother Earth and Spirit. Sabrina also creates handmade crystal and stone jewelry, sacred art, and paintings. Additionally, she grows and creates organic plant and flower medicines to support the body, mind, and spirit.


Sabrina loves to help people embody their true essence, and tap into their own intuition and True power. She believes that each of us carry our own answers within and have an innate ability to self-heal. Part of her story includes healing herself from chronic, "incurable" autoimmune dis-ease (multiple sclerosis), naturally, with no medication and following her intuition as her guide.  Her website is

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