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Tonya McClain, REIKI Master and 200 Yoga RYT Certified

Tonya studied with Sol Yoga in Frederick, MD.  She is currently pursing her 500 RYT with Yoga Farm Ithaca, NY (a Kundalini Infused Yoga Certification)


Tonya is a Perpetual Seeker, FreeSpirit and PeaceMaker, aspiring to a yogic lifestyle that creates equanimity and inner-peace, directing her energy to create balance and Peace on and off the mat. 


In addition to her Love of REIKI, Self-Inquiry, and Yoga she also is a Certified Meditation Teacher and is founder of the PEACE Circle Holistic Wellness, offering and weaving in various modalities of holistic wellness and offering Mobile Meditation in her PEACE Bus.  


Tonya is Passionate and fascinated about Self-Inquiry and Inner Transformation and has been on this Journey for 20 plus years; she has a holistic approach to her personal practice, incorporating MIND, BODY and SPIRIT and brings that to her Reiki, Yoga, and Meditation. 


As a Reiki Practitioner she is a vessel channeling the divine energy of Reiki.  Infusing the body with PEACE, LOVE & LIGHT, a Bridge to Inner Peace & Healing. Her intent is to provide a grounding Reiki sessions which will be unique to each individual.  


With yoga, Tonya's teaching style contains Meditative Mindful Yoga Flows, building strength, improving alignment, stabilizing the mind providing time to pause, to be present, to be the observer, and allowing the practice to be a collective as well as personal one.  

Tonya’s Guided Meditations and Visualization techniques are based in various Spiritual Philosophies, weaving in various aspects of various philosophies, not affiliating or prescribing to any single philosophy, coming from the belief that all religions come down to one thing ~ LOVE.

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